Lovely Johnson: Putting smiles on her clients’ faces

Lovely JohnsonLike many, Lovely Johnson didn’t see her future including a career in life insurance sales. She was enjoying her job as a cosmetologist when she started looking for part-time work and stumbled across an opportunity in life insurance. She’s been protecting families and writing policies — many of them — since 2005.

Johnson graduated Cum Laude from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. She began selling life insurance in 2005 and has since serviced more than 2,000 families. She enjoys selling insurance because it allows her to help people, something she has long been passionate about.

Johnson is an independent agent who enjoys the potential for growth in her career. She describes herself as trustworthy, enthusiastic and ambitious, all traits that have helped her become a valued insurance professional. Her mission is to be an advocate for the senior market, serving the customer while maintaining honesty and integrity at all times.

Johnson represents several life insurance companies, including Royal Neighbors of America.

She recently took the time to respond to the following questions for this week’s Women’s Insurance Network Producer Profile feature.


You began selling life insurance in 2005. What led you to this career?

I stumbled upon the career of selling life insurance as a result of looking for part-time work. I enjoyed it so much that I stopped working as a cosmetologist and made a full-time career of selling life insurance.


What would you say are the traits necessary for those in the life insurance sales business?

Some of the traits necessary for individuals in the life insurance sales business are persistence, endurance, dependability, sincerity, orderliness, discipline, honesty and a positive attitude.


Your bio says that you are passionate about helping seniors. What has drawn you to this specific market?

Lovely Johnson 2I was drawn to the senior market because they understand the importance of life insurance and make it a priority. I am passionate about helping seniors because many of them have worked 40-plus years and they are living on a fixed income and have very limited resources. I like to help bring a smile to their face in any way I can.


You’ve served more than 2,000 families during your career. Where do you find clients and prospects?

I obtain clients and prospects from referrals from my current clients as well as from lead generation companies.


Would you say insurance sales is a good career option for women? Why or why not?

Insurance sales is a wonderful career option for women because you have the ability to make your own schedule. By having control of your work schedule, it allows you to fulfill the many roles required as a woman such as nurturer, mother, wife, household manager, etc. With a career in life insurance sales, I am able to bring home the bacon and cook it too.

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  1. Can you give advice about being safe in people houses when you are calling on a direct mail lead. I am getting started selling life insurance in Jan. 2018 and I am a little afraid.

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