POLL: How tech-savvy is your agency?

“InsurTech” is a common buzzword throughout the industry these days, frequently used when talking about startups looking to disrupt the industry with their unique products and services intended to simplify and/or speed up often lengthy and tedious processes involved in applying for insurance or the underwriting process.

Adoption of new technologies spans a wide range among insurance agents. Got us to wondering:

How tech-savvy is your agency?


  1. one thing about being a tech savvy agency is the drastic amount of paper that you save. Before we joined the tech world, everything was on paper. Files everywhere.

    • your before the tech world sounds like my agency currently. We have rows of file drawers and tons of file folders. I hope one day we can have everything done electronically.

  2. I must admit being non tech savvy actually helped me. Earlier this year, a government agency was requesting original license issued by the state. If we did not have the original license, we had to pay a fee. Our license was issued in 1977 and we managed to find in a folder called “licenses”

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