POLL: How many hours do you work in a week?

In this week’s Producer Profile, Angelia Shay mentions how women who throw out their own shingle as an advisor “must understand that you are ‘starting your own business’ and that requires a lot of hours and determination.”

Often this means working from home at night or early mornings and even weekends to get everything done. Also got us to wondering:

How many hours do YOU work in an average week?


  1. I use to work 7:30-4:30 Eastern Standard time but also had clients on the West Coast so I would go home and work another 4 hours to accommodate them. It worked at first but eventually it got tiresome and I had to cut back.

  2. At a certain point in your life, I believe that a lot of people have the desire to be their own boss, but are afraid to venture out. The hardest step is taking that first step on your own, accepting that you will stumble but you can make it.

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